My life has been a journey westward. I was born in Iran, raised in Switzerland and educated on the east and west coasts of the United States.  While I feel a sense of belonging to my adopted homeland, America, I have been shaped as a person and as an artist by the colors, scents and textures of many lands.

Whether I work in oil or in acrylic, my focus is less on reproducing the observed than on exploring the mysteries of inner life, the beauty of nature and the expanse of the cosmic world. 

I begin a painting with no set design, eager to go on a journey of discovery. There is a certain sense of freedom in allowing the element of surprise to be my guide. With each new layer, secret forms and relationships start to take shape, and a universe unfolds before my eyes. 

Over the years, I’ve used various tools: a paintbrush for the limbs of a leafless tree, a spray bottle and liquid paints to render the dynamism of celestial bodies, a variety of sponges to shape circles. Most recently, I am at home with the squeegee, a perfect tool to show the reflection of the sky in water.